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Catering at Catz

From day-to-day food to formal halls - see what our catering team offer

Welcome to St Catharine’s Catering Department! Whether you are craving a panini, fancy sipping on a cappuccino, or wish to invite a guest to formal hall, we cater for it all across the servery and the Bar.

Who is in the department?

The Catering Department is headed up by Robert Jonas, the Catering Director. In addition to the Catering team we have the Conference office team of Alicja Duma, Caroline Grover, Ella Purkiss and Martin Cullum who handle all internal and external bookings. The main office is in the Bull building and office hours are between 9.00am and 4.30pm. The main e-mail address for the office is Function room bookings can be made online through the College website:

The Head Chef, Andrew Doggett, is in charge of the kitchens, managing the team of chefs and kitchen porters. The Front of House team, who are managed by the 4 supervisors, Akos Kiss, Ana Goodchild, Ana Martinez-Contreras and Noemi Civitarese, oversee all functions which take place in the Hall and other reception rooms.

The College Bar is run by our Bar Manager, Craig Driver. Our wonderful coffee bar and bar occupy the same space with different opening hours. The bar team will be on hand serving during events and will be available throughout the week for any questions or enquiries. Requests for extensions to bar serving hours must be submitted to the College Dean and the Catering Director in the first instance. The bar also has a pool table, widescreen TVs and free to play table football.

What do we do?

The Catering Team is there to provide you with day-to-day food and beverage services and also to help you, Fellows and external guests plan, organise and cater for special events held in College. For example, we can loan glasses for receptions, advise on menus and wines for Society dinners as well as helping to organise theme nights or bops in the bar.

During the day, the College Bar becomes Catz Coffee Bar. It is a great place to drop in for a barista coffee, breakfast, chat over a sweet treat, gorge on a toasted panini, nibble on a sandwich or devour a fresh salad. (Please note breakfast is served in the Bar Monday to Friday; serving until 10am.) Open from 8.00am until 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, the Coffee Bar is the communal hub of the College. The bar is a space for you to use and enjoy. Open from 6.30pm to 10.00pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday and from 6.30pm until 11.00pm Thursday to Saturday (closed on Monday nights). A multitude of events have been run in conjunction with the JCR and MCR including bops, comedy nights, quiz nights and karaoke nights. If you have an idea or suggestions for other events, please speak to a member of the bar team or the JCR entertainment reps.

The servery in the Hall provides a wide range of dishes for lunch and dinner every day. In addition to the hot main dishes you will find a fresh salad bar, homemade soup and bread, fruit, soft drinks and sweet treats available. All foods prepared will indicate the 14 most common allergens as required by law. If you have any special dietary requirements (e.g. gluten-free, lactose intolerance, vegan, nut allergies, Kosher, Halal etc.) please contact the conference office to let us know in advance. If you are not sure of anything or would just like some clarification, please ask a member of staff from the front of house team.

Outside of servery hours there is also a vending machine in the College Bar entrance lobby; it is stocked with crisps, chocolate, drinks and snacks.

Meal payments/UPAY

This summer you should receive an e-mail from UPAY about how to use the software that we have installed in all our tills including the Bar. You will need to pre-load your University student card with credit and this will enable you to swipe your card as payment rather than carry cash to pay for meals or drinks. The link to the UPAY site is found on the College Life webpage under Current Students:

In addition, you can download a handy smartphone app which will allow you to manage your credit, make top ups to your account and book into Formal Halls.

Be assured that the tills will still take cash until you get your card loaded, and that non-College members can still join you for lunch or dinner.

However, please note that there is a 25% surcharge on Cafeteria meals for all non-Catz members (because they have not paid the College’s Kitchen Fixed Charge.  Members of St Catharine's are requested to produce their University Card at the till in order not to incur this surcharge.

All students can use their UPAY card or a bank debit card to pay for drinks in the bar.

Meal times

Meals will be served at the following times during term time:-

Monday to Friday:



Breakfast (In Bar)


















Dinner 18.00 19.00
Sunday Open Close
Brunch 10.30 13.30
Dinner 18.99 18.45

Any changes to the above will be e-mailed and advertised outside of Hall.

Formal Halls - MCR

MCR 'Formal Hall' takes place every Thursday evening during Term; for which bookings must be made and tickets purchased at approximately £10.00 each, or £11.00 for guests not from this College.  Any Kosher meals must be ordered 1 week in advance & will cost approximately £20.35.  Tickets can be purchased via the MCR website.  Each week the menus will be posted in the Hall, around the College and on-line on the My St Catharine's webpage. MCR members can attend JCR formal halls – please see the JCR formal hall details below:

Formal Halls - JCR

JCR 'Formal Hall' takes place every Sunday and Wednesday during Term; for which bookings must be made and tickets purchased at £12.30 each, or £13.60 for guests not from this College.  Any Kosher meals must be ordered 1 week in advance & will cost approximately £18.00. There will also be a 'Super Hall' on a Friday once a month.  Tickets can be purchased via the UPAY app or website by 1.00pm on Tuesday for a Wednesday Formal, by 1.00pm on Thursday for a Friday Formal and by 1.00pm Friday for a Sunday Formal.  Each week the menus will be posted in the Hall, around the College and on-line on the My St Catharine's webpage.

Special Events

If you are involved with any Societies and wish to hold dinners, receptions or other events involving catering etc., please contact the Conference Office for assistance. For such events we offer ‘student priced’ menus and wine lists.  Wine and port from the College cellar can be purchased through the Buttery or the College Bar.


This year we look forward to meeting with your student reps on a regular basis each term in order to try to meet your suggestions for menu ideas, changes to service or any improvements or innovations that we can make.

We will be introducing multi-buy offers and meal deals as the term progresses, so keep your eye out for posters and e-mails announcing these events. Please don’t hesitate to make our duty managers aware of any issues you might have, or send an e-mail directly to the Catering Office so that we can respond to your comments quickly.  We would like to think that we have done everything to make dining at St Catharine's a positive experience for everyone.

With best wishes on behalf of the Catering and Conference team