Information for new students 2021

During the online Student Registration process before you arrive, you'll complete the account setup process and obtain your email address and university passwords.

There are three accounts normally issued, although you will have the same password for them all:

Exchange Microsoft Office 365 email

Raven: A university-wide authentication system to access to restricted web pages and resources.

MCS: The password to log in to the computers in College, at the University Information Services and in other Colleges and departments who use the same system. MCS stands for 'Managed Cluster Service'.

Make sure that you log into email regularly before you arrive as you will very likely be receiving important information that way. The quickest way is via Webmail: Microsoft Office 365 Webmail (from 2018) or Hermes Webmail (pre 2018). To configure other email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird see here:…


All computers must have antivirus software installed and kept up to date. McAfee is available free to download from the University.

All bedrooms and shared areas (libraries, common rooms, meeting rooms etc) have WiFi coverage. The best way to get connected is to use the University's eduroam WiFi service. Follow the instructions for getting online here:

All student bedrooms have rooms have wired network points available.

Network cables are available from the IT Office.

If you would like to use the wired room connection, the application form is here. You don't need to fill in this form if you are only going to use wifi.

Computer facilities

It is not essential to have your own computer - general computer facilities are provided by the College and elsewhere in the University - but many students find it easier to work in their rooms, the libraries or in other places around the university and Cambridge generally. 

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is available free through the university. See here for more details.