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In achieving excellence in teaching and research, St Catharine's College aims to manage its activities, buildings and estate to promote environmental sustainability, to conserve and enhance natural resources and to prevent environmental pollution to bring about a continued improvement in its environmental performance. 

Under the authority of this main policy, a series of specific policies aimed at identified environmental issues will be generated by an Environmental Committee, which will include representation of all relevant departments and authorities of college and be responsible for facilitating the implementation of these policies. 

  • to promote sound environmental management policies and practices at every level across the whole College. 
  • to increase awareness of environmental responsibilities amongst staff and students; enabling individuals to make the changes necessary for college progress and encouraging the growth of the student green team. 
  • to minimise waste and pollution, and to operate environmentally sound waste management procedures which promote the implementation of the three part system reduce, reuse, recycle. 
  • to prioritise energy efficiency measures in order to reduce College energy consumption, incorporating this into planning and development strategies. 
  • to reduce water consumption. 
  • to promote a purchasing policy which will give preference to those products and services which cause the least harm to the environment. 
  • to maintain the grounds and buildings of the College in a way that is environmentally sensitive. 
  • to encourage modes of transport by staff and students which minimise their environmental impact. 
  • the College recognises importance as the first Cambridge College to achieve Fair Trade status, and will use this success to promote and increase the quality and range of Fair Trade products it uses.

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