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Various useful items are available for sale at the IT Office (K4 and K2). Items need to be paid for on collection. All items are guaranteed by the Computer Office for the time you are at Catz.

Backup Media

CDs and DVDs:
Recordable CD (CD-R) 50p
Rewritable CD (CD-RW) 80p
Recordable DVD (DVD-R) 60p
Rewritable DVD (DVD-RW) 80p

USB Memory Sticks: 
8 GB £3.00
16 GB £5.00
32 GB £7.00

Micro SD cards:
32 GB: £7.00

Network Cables (also known as ethernet, RJ-45 or UTP cable)
1m £1.00
2m £1.40
3m £1.80
4m £2.20
5m £2.60
6m £3.00
7m £3.40
8m £3.80
9m £4.20
10m £4.60

(in other words, network cables cost £1.00 for 1 metre and 40p per metre thereafter, to a maximum of 10m)

Other items

2m USB cable (for printers) £4.00

Anything else computer related: ask and we'll see what price we can get from our suppliers.

Contact details

IT Office
Room K4 & K2
01223 (3)36438
Email us