St Catharine's MCR is the society for graduate students at the College. As well as organising social events throughout the year, it is also a link between its members and the College and University authorities and helping all graduate students get the most out of their time in Cambridge.

The MCR website contains a wealth of information on life in Cambridge and is a valuable resource for both current and prospective students.

MCR Committee 2017-18

Co-Presidents (Charlotte Kenealy and Sarah Paris) -
Secretary (Helen Wilkes) -
Treasurer (Fynn Krause) -
Welfare Officer (Frances St George-Hyslop) -
Computing Officer (Souradip Mookerjee) -
Education Officer (Alessandra Cabassi) -
Green Officer (Iacopo RUsso) -
Social Secretaries (Julien Mahin and Dermot Trainor) -
Food and Drink Officer (Conrad Watt) -
Formal Hall Officer (Jonny Davidson) -


All Graduate students automatically become members of the MCR for the duration of their time at St Catharine's, however they may opt-out by informing the Graduate Tutor within 10 days of commencing their studies. PhD students who have submitted their thesis and left Cambridge may end their membership by informing the MCR President.

Graduate students who have completed their studies but wish to remain members of the MCR may be granted Associate membership at the discretion of the MCR Committee and with the approval of the Senior Tutor and Graduate Tutors.