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The Congregation ceremony is one of the oldest traditions in the University.

The conferment of each Degree is still an act of the whole University, approved by "Grace of the Regent House", that is by a resolution of the governing body. Graduands are presented one by one to the Vice Chancellor of the University or a deputy, in the presence of the Proctors who are the elected representatives of the Regent House. Although Congregations are held throughout the year, the June Congregations are set aside for what is called General Admission to Degrees, at which most undergraduates proceed to their first Degrees at the end of their final term.

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Please note that, beginning with the ceremony on 29 April 2022, the University will recommence in-person graduation events in Senate House with guests.  However, owing to the disruption to ceremonies caused by the pandemic, the number of students currently applying to graduate in person is exceptionally high.  In a normal year, about 8,000 Cambridge students graduate in person; but the University estimates that there are now about 20,000 students who have completed their courses since the start of 2020 but who have not yet graduated (or celebrated) their degrees in person (this figure does not include those students expected to complete their courses in summer 2022).  As a result, even though the University has increased the number of ceremonies this year, the number of students applying to graduate at events during the rest of the 2021–22 academic year is much higher than the University has capacity for.  Exceptionally therefore, the University has placed a cap on the number of students from each College who may graduate in person at ceremonies in summer 2022, and Colleges are not permitted to exceed this number.  We recognize that the limited number of spaces this summer will be a source of great disappointment to students who have already waited a long time to graduate.  Please note that we have had to take the difficult decision to close our website to bookings from non-current students wishing to graduate on 22 July.  We recognize that the demand from St Catharine’s students is very high because of the long backlog caused by the pandemic, and the College is participating in graduation ceremonies on all the dates this summer that the University has allocated to us.  (Please note that the University website lists a number of other graduation dates this summer, but St Catharine’s is only eligible to present graduands on those dates listed on our own website, i.e. the Fridays only.)  The next available dates with spaces are 9 September,  21 October, and 26 November.

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