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Your bill explained

At the start of each term all graduate student will receive a bill from the College finance office to their @cam email address. Below is an explanation of the costs you will incur during your time at St Catharine's.

If you have any queries about your bill, please contact finance office (

Students (or their funders) are invoiced for their University and College fees towards the end of October. Fees are billed on a yearly basis with the option to pay in three equal instalment each year.

PhD students in their fourth year of full-time study or beyond are automatically exempt from the University Composition fee.

If you are not self-funded, then the College will collect the fees from your funding body. Please ensure that you provide any details of who the invoice should be sent to by returning a completed Finance Form to the Graduate Office.

Establishment and Kitchen Fixed Charge
£48 per quarter
. This fee covers basic running costs and overheads for the College Hall and is payable by all Graduate students regardless of whether you are living in College Accommodation.

A lower rate of £17 applies if both your accommodation and your department are over one mile away from the main College site. Broadly speaking this is any department west of JJ Thompson Avenue, south of Latham Road, east of the Newmarket Road/Elizabeth way roundabout or north of Victoria Road, however please check this map.

If you are eligible for the reduced rate, please complete the Application for Reduced KFC at the bottom of this page.

Caution Money
£200 deposit
. All students are billed for this when they first matriculate with the College and is refundable upon your departure as long as you have not damaged any College property, or owe the College money in any other way. Please note this is not an accommodation deposit - even if you move out of College Accommodation during your course, your Caution Money is not refunded to you until you have graduated from your course.

The University fee does not include any accommodation costs. If you are staying in one of the College's Graduate Residences you will be billed for your rent on a termly basis at the rents given on the Room Rents page. Water, gas, electricity and internet are all included in the accommodation charge.

Heating and lighting
There are electricity and gas meters in Russell Street Old block, Russell Street new block, each house at South Green Lodge and at Barton Road. For the Michaelmas, Lent and Easter term bills, heating and lighting is included in your accommodation charge, however for the Long vacation the rate is adjusted to reflect actual usage throughout the year. Whilst we endeavor to set a termly rate to be a realistic reflection of actual usage, there is a possibility that you may be asked to pay a surcharge with your July bill.

Vacating mid-term
All tenancy agreements run from 1st October to 23rd September regardless of your move in date and/or the length of your course. If you wish to move out before 23 September, you will need to give the Accommodation Manager 3 months notice of your move-out date. Your accommodation bill for that quarter will then be adjusted accordingly.

MCR subscription
All Graduate students are automatically enrolled as members of the MCR unless they opt-out at the beginning of the year. MCR membership is charged at £13.00 per term.

PAT testing charge
If you are living in one of the Graduate residences you will need to have any electrical appliances PAT tested at the beginning of the year for which you will be charged. An email will be circulated to let you know when the PAT testing will take place.

Application for reduced KFC