Room rents 20-21

Below are the rent rates for our graduate residences for the 2020-21 academic year.
Historical rates for the 2019-20 academic year are available here.

Room rents quoted are charged per term. The terms are defined as:

01 October - 31 December
1 January - 31 March
1 April - 30 June 
1 July - 23 September

The Accommodation Charges given below are for the Michaelmas, Lent and Easter Terms and include Internet, Heating and Lighting charges. Please see details of these charges after the rent rates below. The Accommodation charge for the Summer quarter is lower to reflect reduced Heating and Light charge for this quarter. 

Russell Street

Standard Room (en-suite): £1,852 
New Room (en-suite): £1,945 
New Room, Mezzanine (en-suite): £2,035 

The Vicarage

Standard Room: £1,852 

Barton Road

Standard Room (en-suite): £1,945
Small or Basement Room (en-suite): £1,751 
Smallest Basement Room (en-suite): £1,723 )

Coleridge Road

Two-person flat £3,106 
Large room with en-suite : £2,061 
Large rooms £1,945
Medium room  £1,880 
Two-room attic set (restricted headroom):  £1,852

Grantchester Meadows

Small rooms: £1,723
Small/med room: £1,880
Medium room: £1,945
Large room: £2,035

Fitzwilliam Road

Standard Room: £1,803
Large Room: £1,880

86 Chesterton Road

Standard Rooms: £1,880
Large Rooms: £1,945
Large Room with en-suite & kitchenette: £2,035

Harvey Road

Studio flats £3,322
Two-room flat £3,999
Very large ground floor room £2,230
Other rooms  £2,054-2,198