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Student welfare

Welcome to the Welfare Hub for St Catharine’s students.

The current public health emergency caused by Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) poses challenges to managing our welfare and wellbeing as individuals and as a community. It can feel difficult and even overwhelming when we are faced with an uncertain and evolving situation. As we digest the news from the College, the University, locally and nationally, it's important that we allow ourselves space to try and process what this means for us and how we can look after ourselves – physically, mentally and emotionally – going forward.


Recent events in the US have impacted many in our community. Processing emotions & thoughts may be challenging especially when we are apart from each other, in an already stressful term.


Support is also available from the College Welfare Team, as well as from College and University wide student-led support: CUSU BME Campaign (and associated Facebook group), Catz JCR BME Officers and the University African & Caribbean Society.

St Catharine’s is deeply committed to offering meaningful and effective support to all of our students. The Health and Welfare team is coordinating this support, incorporating many wonderful suggestions and initiatives from across the College and beyond. Please note that while we have checked all links at the time of posting, the College is not responsible for the content of external websites.

We will also be offering a programme of activities in which students will be able to participate interactively, as well as resources that can be used remotely and, of course, continued individual emotional support for those who need it.

We will be sharing more over the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, please find below some sources of information and help that you may find useful.