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Student welfare

Welcome to the Welfare Hub for St Catharine’s students.

We are looking forward to welcoming our student community back to Cambridge and St Catharine's over the next few weeks. 

The Welfare Hub was originally created in March 2020 in response to COVID-19 as source of information and ideas about how to look after our individual and collective welfare during the initial lock down period in the UK.

As we move into a new period of daily life resuming and St Catharine's College preparing to welcome you back, we remain deeply committed to offering meaningful and effective support to all of our students. The Health and Welfare team is coordinating this support, incorporating many wonderful suggestions and initiatives from across the College and beyond.

The Welfare Hub will continue to provide information and resources for supporting your wellbeing, and as term commences, we will be offering a programme of activities to complement these resources as well as individual emotional support for those who need it. We will be sharing more over the coming days and weeks.

Whether you are preparing to join St Catharine’s for the first time this academic year, or re-join us after some time away, it is completely understandable that this process may provoke a wide range of emotions for you, possibly all at the same time. Do spend some time looking through the various pages on the Welfare Hub and get in touch with the Health and Welfare team if you'd like to have a chat. No problem is too small and we are always happy to hear from you. 

Please note that while we have checked all links at the time of posting, the College is not responsible for the content of external websites.