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St Catharine's provides a range of academic activities and support to graduate students.

Graduates can present their research to Fellows and other graduates at the Graduate Research Seminars which take place fortnightly (at lunchtime on Mondays) in termtime (see the College Calendar for upcoming seminars). These provide an opportunity for our graduate students and research fellows to discuss their work before an astute and very friendly audience. Because this mixed audience includes not only expert insiders, but also intelligent and interested outsiders, this is also an opportunity for speakers to hone their communicative skills, and for the rest of us to be exposed to unfamiliar problems, methodologies and theories.

Contacts among graduate students and undergraduate Directors of Studies in the relevant subject(s) are encouraged, and willing PhD students may be offered the opportunity to do some teaching for the College.

Graduates are welcome to participate in the programmes of activities organised by the College societies such as the Shirley Society (the oldest literary society in Cambridge), the Steers Society (for geographers), the John Ray Society (for natural scientists), the Music Society, the Law Society.

The College has several international exchange programmes with other Universities (notably Doshisha, Japan; Caltech, USA; Heidelberg, Germany) for which there are opportunities for interested graduates. To find out more, please contact us using the details on the right.