Is there any accommodation available for couples? 

Most of the rooms available are for single occupancy only. Please check with the Accommodation Office for availability of couples accommodation. 

What is included in the room and as part of the rent?

Please take a look at our breakdown of the items and services included as part of College accommodation.

Is there an Internet Connection in the rooms? 

Internet access is provided by the College to all residences. 

How often do I pay my rent? 

Rooms are rented out on an annual basis, with tenancies running from October–September every year. Rent is paid over the year in four installments and includes heating, light and internet. One bill will be sent to your @cam email address at the beginning of October or before, with payment reminders sent at the beginning of each term. Residents are required to sign a Tenancy Agreement with the College before moving in. 

Can I move out during the year? 

If any resident wishes to move out of Postgraduate Accommodation before the end of their tenancy, they are required give the College three months’ notice and should email the Accommodation Manager to provide such notice. The College will not assume that you are leaving when your course ends - it is up to you to give the Accommodation Manager sufficient notice. 

However, this notice period does not apply if you are changing to another Catz room or residence. 

I'm doing a PhD - will I be able to have College accommodation in my 2nd and 3rd years?

We only guarantee accommodation to students new to Cambridge in their 1st year.  Accommodation for students in their 2nd and 3rd year is offered subject to availability.

I'd like to keep the same room next year. How do I renew my tenancy? 

College will send out a webform in May to existing and new incoming students asking them to state their preferences for accommodation in the following Academic Year.  Rooms are allocated in accordance with our Accommodation Policy

Where do I collect my room keys? 

Keys are collected from the Porters' Lodge at College. They will let you know your room number and any other information that you need to know to gain access to your room. The Lodge is manned 24 hours a day, but if you arrive and there is no-one there, please call the mobile number provided or wait and the Porter should return within 15 minutes or so. 

Can I have a pet in my room? 

No - pets are not permitted in any College residences. 

What do I do if I have an accident at one of the Postgraduate residences?

All accidents must be reported to the Porters' Lodge (telephone 01223 338300), where the Accident Book must be filled in accordingly. You can do this in person, but if you have been incapacitated, someone else can do so on your behalf.

If you are injured and require urgent medical attention, there is an Accident & Emergency Room at Addenbrooke's Hospital, or for more minor injuries, First Aid Kits are available in each residence.

The heating/hot water/lightbulbs (etc.) don't work in my room. Who do I contact? 

Maintenance issues can be reported through the College website via the Maintenance Request form. We aim to have someone check out your issue within 48 hours, although it can take longer at weekends. 

Can I smoke in the residence? 

No - all College buildings and bedrooms are non-smoking.

Can I have guests in my room?

Overnight guests are not permitted.

What is caution money?

Caution money is the sum of money (around £200) students are required to pay when they join the College. This is not a rental deposit for accommodation but is security for good conduct. It is payable by all students irrelevant of whether they live in College accommodation or not. Students are repaid their caution money when they graduate from the College.

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