1. The College provides accommodation for many graduates. Graduate accommodation is located at sites other than the Main College Site and St Chad’s.
  2. The College aims to offer accommodation to all new full-time graduate students in their first year, who have been officially admitted by the University by 1 September. Those applying later in the academic year, or for just one term may be offered accommodation if there are vacancies available.
  3. Although the College is unfortunately not able to offer accommodation to all its graduate students for the entire duration of their study at Cambridge, we will do our best to take into account and respond to students' individual needs.
  4. Students taking up accommodation must sign a tenancy agreement before moving into their accommodation prior to the start of Michaelmas Full Term.
  5. Graduates must give 3 months’ advance notice of leaving the accommodation. Those finishing in June or July must give the appropriate notice.
  6. Tenancy agreements encompass the normal tenets of social behaviour.
  7. Non-payment of bills, including accommodation fees can result in eviction. Failure to settle bills can result in the withholding of the right to graduate.
  8. At the moment the College has no properties to accommodate graduate students and their families.

Please refer to the latest room rents webpage to find out the start and end dates for tenancy in 2021/22.

The College's Occupancy Conditions and a sample Tenancy Agreement will be published shortly.