Applicant finance and funding

When applying to Cambridge it is essential that you secure funding before you arrive.

University fees

Before coming to Cambridge, you must have guaranteed funding for every year of your course. The Graduate Admissions Office have a maintenance calculator which you can use to work out your rough living costs while you're here. Please think of this as the minimum amount you'll need.

You'll need to pay the University Composition Fee for each year you study at Cambridge, except for the fourth year of the PhD.

It's very unlikely that you'll be able to find extra funding once you are at Cambridge, so please don't count on this. We can't offer financial assistance for fees or living costs. 

Postgraduate bursaries and scholarships

St Catharine's offers a number of bursaries and scholarships for incoming postgraduate students, however you can find more regarding fees, finance, funding and financial assistance at the University webpage

Click the individual links to see if you are eligible to apply.

Non-subject specific

Annual Fund Postgraduate Bursaries 

Masters only

Application deadline:31/3/2023

Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars' Programme

Doctoral only


Benavitch Fund for Business Studies 

Doctoral and Masters

Application deadline: 6/3/23

Bowring Scholarships 

Doctoral and Masters

Application deadline: 31/3/2023

Jacobson Scholarships in International Law 

Doctoral and LLM

Application deadline: 31/3/2023

Tunku Abdul Rahman Postgraduate scholarship

Master and Doctoral

Application deadline: 31/3/2023

Working while you study

The University does not allow students to undertake external paid work while they're studying full time. However, there are opportunities to work within College on a temporary and part time basis, which is allowed up to a maximum of 10 hours a week. It won't be enough to cover your living costs alone. Further information about working while you study can be found on the Cambridge students website. If you are studying on a Student VISA, it is also your responsibility to be clear about restrictions on working while studying imposed by immigration regulations.

Payment of fees 

All tuition fee payments are to be made in equal instalments within 14 days of commencement of each term, except for students not classed as “home”, where payment is due in full before arrival at College. We will send an invoice before the beginning of term and expect payment within 14 days.

Please let us know here about your funding arrangements for the current Academic Year:

Students are responsible for the payment of their tuition fees. In the case of a sponsor’s failure to pay a student’s tuition fee, or agreed part thereof, the student will be liable for any unpaid fees.

If your tuition fee is being paid in full or part by a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company, the College will receive confirmation of this directly from the relevant SLC and you do not need to provide us with a copy of your Financial Assessment form, however please still fill in the form linked above.

If the payment of fees in advance causes you hardship, you should talk to your tutor immediately. 

Payment of your college bill 

All College bills are expected to be settled within 14 days of receipt. Please find details of what's included in your College bill here.

How to make payment

We accept payments via BACS to our Bank Account, or via Transfermate. Details can be found here.

College Scholarship Awards

These will be deposited directly into your UK bank account in October, January and April. We are unable to make payment into a foreign bank account.

Any scholarship awards for maintenance will be applied to your College Bill in the first instance. Any excess amounts will be paid to you at the dates stated above. 

Student Bank Details

In case you are to receive a financial award, refund or other payment, please advise us of your bank details.

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