Travel and Research, and General Funding for Current Postgraduates


Travel & research grants, and financial support

St Catharine's has a designated fund from which it makes awards to postgraduate students for travel and research expenses and financial support. This is for research and travel purposes, and does not include subsistence.

It is essential that your supervisor provides the relevant endorsement for your application. Any application without this endorsement will not be considered.

They will need to email with the following details: How relevant is this application to the student’s research? Why can’t this project be fully funded by your Department/Faculty/Research Group?

Please answer all questions fully. The form will be considered incomplete if you have not done so.

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  • Accomodation
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  • Conference
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Name on account, Account number, Sort code, Bank name.
Click to confirm you have a supervisors endorsement completed and sent to grad.admin and that the information which you have given on this application is complete and true

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