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Do I have to pay fees before I arrive?

All tuition fee payments are to be made in equal instalments within 14 days of commencement of each term, except for students not classed as 'home', where payment is due in full before arrival at College. We will send an invoice no later than September 1st, with payment expected by September 15th. 

If you are expecting an external organisation (e.g. a University department, an embassy, a government organisation) to pay some or all of your tuition fee and you need the College to invoice them directly, please submit an official sponsor letter from your sponsor to the College no later than 31 August 2021. This letter should confirm the following;
• your name and CRS ID
• your course of study
• the amount which the sponsor is agreeing to pay on your behalf
• any reference/award number which they need to be included in the invoice
• postal or email address for the invoice to be sent to
• the duration of the sponsorship ( e.g. for one year only or the dates of the entire course of study)
• a contact name and email address of the sponsor

We expect payment from your sponsor in full within 14 days of commencement of Michaelmas Term.

Students are responsible for the payment of their tuition fees. In the case of a sponsor’s failure to pay a student’s tuition fee, or agreed part thereof, the student will be liable for any unpaid fees.

If your tuition fee is being paid in full or part by a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company, the College will receive confirmation of this directly from the relevant SLC and you do not need to provide us with a copy of your Financial Assessment form.

If you'd like to make a payment in advance, you can do this by contacting our Finance Office at

Which gown should I wear?

You'll need a gown for Formal Hall, for your graduation ceremony, and other formal occasions. You must wear a gown that is of the highest degree of your highest existing Cambridge degree or, if not already a Cambridge graduate, a BA or MA status gown. Hoods are only required for graduation ceremonies. Find out more about academical dress for graduation ceremonies.

Where can I get a gown?

You can rent or purchase gowns from several stores in Cambridge. We do not have a stock of gowns in college that you can borrow or rent, but it is worth contacting the MCR to see if gowns are available for loan. The main outlets that stock gowns in Cambridge are:

Can anyone attend Chapel?

Yes, everyone is welcome. For more details about the Chapel and our services please contact Ally, the College Chaplain (

When will my caution money be refunded?

Caution money is normally repaid to you after you have graduated. Any monies owed to the College will be deducted before your refund is paid. If you need your caution money to be refunded for an exceptional reason, please contact the Student Revenue Manager at

Where do I obtain my University/College card?

The University Card Services issue your college card and it will be available to collect from the Porters' Lodge when you first arrive. Any queries relating to your card should be directed to the Head Porter

How do I obtain a letter to open a bank account/to prove I am a student/to obtain Council Tax exemption?

You should email the Postgraduate Administrator and provide full details including your term-time (Cambridge) address and your home address. Please also give at least 5 working days notice when requesting a letter. 

If I have a problem with my College bill, who should I speak to?

The College's Finance Office will help with any issues relating to bills. Contact the Student Revenue Manager (

If I have a problem with my accommodation, who should I speak to?

Please refer to the frequently asked questions about College accommodation. All queries relating to accommodation matters should be directed to the Accommodation Manager on


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