Funding for Current Postgraduate Students

Postgraduates need to have sufficient funding for their fees and basic maintenance costs in place prior to starting their course, however St Catharine's offers a range of support for current postgraduate students to assist them with their studies. 

In addition to research, travel and hardship support, as well as prizes for academic merit, the College has a range of bursaries to assist postgraduate study. Please be advised that awards are subject to availability. 

These can take up to a month to process if available.

Postgraduates can apply for assistance from the University, including their department or faculty. The College may try to match the external fund if there is not sufficient funding available from a single source. 

Please look carefully at relevant links to see what support might be available. 

Travel & research grants

Please complete the webform in the link, paying particular attention to the instructions.

Deadline: Ongoing

Find out more & apply

Hardship funding

Deadline: Ongoing

Find out more & apply

Annual Fund Bursaries for Sports and Gym Membership

Deadline: Ongoing

Find out more & apply

Annual Fund Language Grants

The College will normally provide students with half of the cost of ONE language course PER YEAR at the Language Centre (i.e. usually £142.50), provided the course is completed.You will need to provide a certificate of proof of completing in order to recieve the funds. This does not apply to students undertaking compulsory English-language training (e.g. IELTS or ADTIS) for admission to their department or faculty. This can take up to a month to process.

To apply, please complete the form fully and submit to

Deadline: Ongoing


Your College Bill includes the charges for your accommodation (which includes costs for heating, lighting, and network connection), as well as additional costs such as fines and breakages. It also includes the MCR membership fee, which is a small termly fee that helps the MCR host events. UK students will receive their College bill in advance of each term. Payment must be made within two weeks or within seven days of receiving a maintenance grant – whichever is later.

If you are an overseas student, you will receive your first bill when your place is confirmed and once your visa has been issued. The bill will include your tuition fees for the first academic year, along with the cost of a year’s rent. This bill will be issued to you before the start of Michaelmas Term and must be paid before you arrive in College to matriculate.

Please contact the Financial Accountant or the Finance Assistant if you have any questions about your College bill.

Paying your Bill

The preferred method is using the online payment system. Remember to pay your bill on time to avoid the late fee

Spending money

It is up to students to budget for their expenses. You will need a certain amount for stationery and books, although the College Library is likely to hold most of the books you will need. When determining your weekly budget, also bear in mind that there are many opportunities at University to undertake a range of sporting and cultural activities and to socialise. The University website offers a breakdown of what living costs you may encounter.

Bursarial and finance contacts:

College Accountant

Financial Accountant

Finance Assistant

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Postgraduate admissions
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