Travel and research grants

Information about travel and research grants for postgraduate students

St Catharine's College has a designated fund from which it makes awards to postgraduate students for travel and research expenses.

Applications for Travel and Research grants are processed approximately once a week. Please ensure that the following steps are followed before your application for financial assistance is submitted.

1. It is essential that your supervisor provides the relevant endorsement for your application.​ Incomplete applications will be returned.

2. Applicants must apply to other sources for funding assistance, such as their department or faculty. We will not reach a decision until you have heard the outcome of these other sources and notified the Postgraduate Administrator. A clear and convincing case must be made if no other sources of funding are available.

3. Natural Science students who have been members (Fellows) of the Cambridge Philosophical Society for over a year are eligible to apply to the society for travel grants - more information is available here. Please note we will not consider applications to the Postgraduate Fund from students who are eligible for membership and have neither joined the society nor applied for assistance. 

We are unable to offer assistance towards book purchases or thesis binding costs. We are also unable to offer assistance for note-taking software, unless there are exceptional reasons behind the purchase (e.g. medical, disability). 

We also encourage our students to make 'green' travel decisions where possible, and to consider the necessity of air travel in light of the climate crisis.

The application form can be downloaded here and should be returned to the Postgraduate Administrator.

Annual Fund Language Grants

The College will normally provide students with half of the cost of a language course at the University Language Centre (i.e. usually £142.50), provided the course is completed. You should apply using the College Bursary Form, available to download here. NB. This does not apply to students undertaking compulsory English-language training (e.g. IELTS or ADTIS) for admission to their department or faculty. 

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