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Graduate bursaries and funds

Graduate study can be expensive and St Catharine's offers a number of bursaries and scholarships for incoming graduate students.

Graduate study can be expensive, and the College has a number of funds to assist graduates and encourage them to apply. In 2015-16, St Catharine's awarded over £275,000 in the form of studentships and bursaries with £30,000 allocated for graduate research expenses and hardship.

Awards currently offered by the College are:

  • The Annual Fund Graduate Bursaries are intended for Home or EU students continuing their studies at St Catharine's College starting a Master's degree after completing a BA. The criteria for an Award are academic excellence and demonstrable financial need. The value of each Bursary is up to £12,000 per annum.
  • The Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholars Programme has been set up to support outstanding PhD Students in any discipline. It covers the University Composition Fee, a maintenance allowance and a research allowance.
  • The  Bratton MPhil bursary  of up to £12,000 is available to UK or EU nationals undertaking an MPhil degree at St Catharine's College. Awards can be made for any subject.
  • The Graduate History Bursary is available to students undertaking an MPhil degree in History at St Catharine's. The value of each bursary is up to £10,000 per annum.
  • St Catharine’s College Overseas Scholarship Bursaries (typically two awards per annum each of £500-1000). These scholarships are aimed at providing a part contribution to maintenance or university fees for prospective Graduates who wish to study at St Catharine's College, or current Graduates who wish to continue studying through a new Graduate qualification (eg a present MPhil Graduate wishing to undertake a PhD). The purpose of the scholarships is to assist those who could not otherwise have afforded to come to Cambridge and the awards will reflect this general sentiment. Eligible candidates must be domiciled, resident, or normally resident outside the United Kingdom and other countries of the European Community. An application form may be downloaded here.
  • The Tunku Abdul Rahman Graduate Scholarship (full scholarships for Malaysian students only) and Tunku Abdul Rahman Project Grants.
  • Benavitch Scholarships for MBA and PhD students in Management Studies. The Benavitch Fund also allocates £5,000 per year to provide Travel and Research grants towards costs associated with research activities by Management Studies students.
  • The Sykes Studentship in Italian is open to exceptionally well-qualified candidates, of outstanding academic potential, who intend to study at St Catharine’s College for a PhD degree in Italian.

In addition to the above, the following funding opportunities are available to graduates studying English or Law:

  • Jacobson Scholarships are available to graduates studying public or private International Law.
  • The Gooderson Memorial Fund provides grants to assist members of the College at the start of a legal career (eg. to help them train for the bar).

Funding for current students

Whilst students need to have sufficient funding for their fees and basic maintenance costs in place prior to starting their course, St Catharine's is able to support those incurring additional costs. In the 2015-16 academic year, the College awarded over £55,000 to graduate students for research, travel and hardship.

  • Partial, but generous, financial assistance is available towards travel costs associated with research activities such as conferences or field trips.
  • Limited hardship funds and expert friendly advice are also available for unexpected emergency cases.
  • Annual Fund Sports Bursaries are available to assist with training costs for students competing at a high level of sport within the College and/or the University.
  • Language learning is encouraged with partial bursaries available for courses at the University Language Centre
  • The St Catharine's College Graduate Prize for Academic Distinction, which is awarded to all MPhil students obtaining a distinction or first-class marks in their course.

Further details about the financial assistance available to current students is available.

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