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The KW fund exists to assist students from the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region undertaking studies at St Catharine's College. 

Grants from the KW Hardship Bursary Fund may be awarded to members of the College reading for undergraduate or graduate degrees who are normally resident in the People's Republic of China, including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The aim of the bursary is to assist students whose financial situation would otherwise imperil their ability to complete their course of study or restrict their academic experiences at the College.

Bursaries might be awarded, for example,
(i) to offset a loss or reduction of funding unrelated to the student's academic performance;
(ii) to meet unanticipated course related expenses;
(iii) to purchase course-related books, materials, and equipment;
(iv) to facilitate unpaid internships, assistantships, or other course-related undertakings; or
(v) to defray the cost of field work, travel to collections, and attendance at conferences.

For further information regarding eligiblility and how to apply, please contact the St Catharine's College Graduate Administrator (