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Matriculation is the process by which new members join the College and University by subscribing to the University's Statutes an Ordinances. It is also the occasion when you are most likely to first meet your Graduate Tutors, the Master and some of the other Fellows and key staff of the College.

Matriculation Day: Saturday 3rd October 2020

Matriculation is your official registration to your degree at Cambridge. This year will be different to all other years and we will be undertaking matriculation online for all students. Further details on this will be emailed to you in due course. 

However, as part of the College registration process, the College is required to verify the identity of all new students. You will therefore need to attend in person (unless you are in quarantine or will not arrive until after this date) please bring both the original and a colour photocopy of one of the following forms of photographic ID with you:

  • Passport
  • National Identity Card
  • Photographic Driver's License

Dress code for the day:

We will also have the services of Jet Photographic who will be taking individual photographs of everyone (whilst following strict social distances rules) which will be available to buy as individual or group pictures. We therefore ask that you please adhere to the following dress code;

Option one: Dark suit, white shirt, collar and tie, black shoes and gown (no hoods)

Option two: Dark skirt and white blouse or suitable dark dress, black shoes and gown (no hoods)

Gowns: Gowns are only worn for certain ‘formal’ occasions – the most common of which is Formal Hall. Gowns are also worn in the University Church and the Senate House (which is where the degree ceremony will be held at the end of your course) and also in the College Chapel during services. Gowns should be worn with reasonably formal clothes. They may be bought new or second-hand from some Cambridge tailors (such as Ede and Ravenscroft which is just a few meters from Catz), or second hand from leaving students sometimes. The Graduate Union also has a Gown shop.

The gown you need will depend on your age and highest degree, as below:

Graduates with a previous degree from Cambridge

Gown of your highest previous degree

Graduates aged 24 or over with no previous degree from Cambridge

MA Gown

Graduates under the age of 24 with no previous degree from Cambridge

BA Gown

9.00 am The first group of Graduates assemble in the McGrath Centre for addresses by Graduate Tutors, Senior Tutor, Chaplain, MCR Presidents - PLEASE BE PROMPT (Groups and exact times to be advised in due course).

Once your group talk has finished, you will proceed to the ID checks and outside (weather permitting) for the photograph.

9.30 am - 10.30 am - Photographs in Main Court. GOWN (BA or MA as appropriate), NO HOODS.

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