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Collecting your keys

Arriving in Cambridge. Upon arrival in Cambridge you first port of call should be the Porters’ Lodge on the Main College site to sign in and get your College key. The front door of the College is closed at 11.45pm, however keys will only be issued between 8am and 10pm. If you arrive and there is no-one there, please wait - the Porter should return within 15 minutes or so.

If you are arriving by taxi, you may wish to hold the taxi while you check-in. Alternatively, if there is a large queue at the Porter's Lodge when you arrive, you can remove your belongings from the first taxi, wait for keys, and then book a second taxi from the Porter's Lodge.

If you have been allocated College accommodation, you will need to collect your keys from the  Porter's Lodge on the main College site. DO NOT go to the residences as there are no on-site custodial staff. The Porters will have a list of the room allocations, but to help them, please tell them that you are a new graduate student and which residence you will be staying in. You may then collect your ASSA key from the Porter. This opens the external gates and doors to the college and is usually your room key.

If you are living in private accommodation, you will still need to come to the college and collect a set of keys. Let the Porter know that you are a new Graduate and will need access to the College, but not a specific room.

Key discipline.

Whenever the College is locked access can be gained either through the front door or the door by the bicycle shed in Queens’ Lane. Any misuse or loss of keys represents a serious breach of College discipline and will be dealt with accordingly. A fine of £30 is automatically levied for the loss of a key. The room key is the responsibility of the student concerned and must not be lent to anyone else, including other College members. Duplicate room keys will only be issued to the occupant and must be returned immediately.

MCR access. While you are a member of the MCR, you will have access to the MCR room on the College mainsite. Access to this room is by your University card (see below).

Pigeon-Holes. Find your pigeon hole (mail box) in College that is located under the Porter's Lodge:

  • Walk through the Porter's Lodge, keeping the reception window on your right
  • take the first left, and go down the first flight of stairs
  • In front of you will be a door, use your ASSA key to gain access
  • The graduate pigeon holes are directly in front of the door

If you have any problems ask the porters.

University Card

You will need to obtain a University Card. This will be ordered for you at the beginning of your course and should be ready for you to collect from the Porter's Lodge when you arrive at College. As cards are issued only once your admission has been formally confirmed, there may be a delay between your admission being confirmed and the College receiving your card.

Your University card is generally accepted as proof of identification (ID) in Cambridge and is also used in the College and Faculty Libraries to borrow items. The card will also be your key to the MCR room and the College Library. You will also need your card when you are purchasing items from Hall. For more information on the UPay cashless payment system please click here.

The University card is also your University Library (UL) card. The first visit to the UL requires you to take a letter from your Department or Faculty as proof of acceptance, then your card can be activated. Click here to go to the UL website

Mail and Postal Addresses in Cambridge

The postal address of the main College site is: St. Catharine's College, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RL.

If you are having any packages delivered to you in Cambridge, we recommend that you have them sent to the Porter's Lodge, where they can be signed for if necessary. PLEASE NOTE that the Lodge has limited space, so you must arrange for any goods to arrive in Cambridge after you do, so that they can be retrieved as soon as possible.

Residence Addresses

The postal addresses of the various Graduate residences are:

Room (your room number), 4 Russell Street, Cambridge, CB2 1HT/Room (your room number), 29 Barton Road, Cambridge CB3 9LB/Flat (your flat number), 86 Chesterton Road, Cambridge CB4 1ER/Room (your room number), 9 Fitzwilliam Road, Cambridge CB2 8BN/Room (your room number), 11 Harvey Road, Cambridge CB1 2ET/Room (your room number)

Please note that if you ever receive post at your room addressed to "The Occupier", please open it. It may contain important information that might require action on your part!

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