Undergraduate travel funds


The generosity of alumni of St Catharine’s and other donors make it possible for the College to award a range of travel grants to enable undergraduate students to pursue travel during the vacations. Travel can be related to exam requirements or to your academic course or education more broadly, and  can be in the UK or overseas.

Awards are made by the Tutors Committee, on the recommendation of Directors of Studies and the Senior Tutor, with a maximum grant of £500 awarded to a student during the course of an academic year.


Applications in the Christmas and Easter vacation should only be for students pursuing travel related to their academic course of examination requirements. During the long vacation following graduation, grants will only be awarded to students pursuing travel related to a further course of study at the College.

Priority will be give to applications in the following three areas:

1. Worthy academic projects (these need not be exclusively Tripos-related), where a well-presented case is made, supported by a Director of Studies and/or Tutor.

2. Activities whose aim is to contribute to the good of others, in either a national or international context (eg, overseas development projects, local community work).

3. Personal travel with the aim of cultural enrichment, from those whose opportunities to experience such travel have, for financial or other reasons, been hitherto limited.

Once you have completed your travel, you will be required to submit a short travel report.

How to apply

To apply, please use this online form. Please make sure that you have discussed your application with your Tutor before you complete the form. The College will not grant any funds unless this box on the webform is checked.

The closing dates each term are:

  • Michaelmas - Noon on 5 November
  • Lent -  Noon on 11 February
  • Easter - Noon on 20 May

Sports Bursaries


Thanks to the generosity of alumni, the College has funds available to undergraduate and graduate students, to assist with extra costs relating to competing at a high level of sport within the College and/or the University.


These costs may be incurred by the need to go on training camps during the university vacations, to pay extra College rent when staying in College accommodation for a particular sports related reason, or by the need to purchase specialised sporting equipment. However, this list is not exhaustive, and all applications for a Sports Bursary will be assessed with respect to the needs of the students concerned.

How to apply

Applications can be made at any time using the Annual Fund Sports Bursary online form here. Applications are considered once per term by the tutors after the deadlines below

  • Michaelmas - Noon on 5 November

  • Lent - Noon on 11 February

  • Easter - Noon on 20 May

Bursaries will range in size from £200500. The awards will be made by the Tutors in consultation with the Senor Tutor and the Senior Treasurer of the Amalgamated Clubs.

Financial assistance with language courses

The College will normally provide students with half of the cost of a language course at the University Language Centre. You can apply for support when you have completed the course and you should provide a copy of your certificate or other evidence to show that you have completed the full course. You should apply via the normal undergraduate bursaries process. Find out more about undergraduate bursaries.

The Master's Fund

This fund provides grants to individuals or specific projects in areas that are otherwise unlikely to be supported through existing funds. Find out more and apply.