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Undergraduate Residence

Residence Requirements:   Undergraduates (other than affiliated students) must reside in Cambridge for nine terms in order to obtain a degree.  The academic year begins on 1 October and is divided into three terms: Michaelmas, Lent and Easter.  Within each term there is a period of about nine weeks called Full Term, during which all formal University and College teaching takes place and all undergraduates are expected to be resident.  Undergraduates usually come up to Cambridge on the weekend before Full Term starts, and go down from Cambridge during the week after Full Term finishes.

Full Terms fall within the College’s Periods of Residence and are:

 Michaelmas     1 October 2013    to  19 December 2013
 Lent  14 January 2014  to  14 March 2014
 Easter  22 April 2014       to  13 June 2014

The requirements for graduates are different.

Tutors:   There are eight Tutors in College and you will have been assigned to one of them.  Your Tutor will see you regularly (at least once each term) to monitor your academic progress and to find out what wxtracurricular activities you've been pursuing (he or she will probably write job references for you in future) and is always available to offer help or advice.  E-mail is the usual means of communication between tutors and their pupils.

Absence:   If you need to spend one or more nights away from Cambridge during term you should let your Tutor know for security purposes.

Vacations :   University terms are relatively short and vacations are correspondingly important.  It is during the vacations that essential reading, and practical or field work must be undertaken to consolidate and extend the work done in term.

Last modified 24th July 2013