Resources and support for students with children

St Catharine’s has a diverse student population and this includes many parents, especially among our postgraduate students. We want everyone to feel included in and supported by our community, and this webpage is explains what we offer.

  • There is a room on the College’s main site specifically allocated for baby changing (for all genders) as well as breastfeeding and expressing. It is at the foot of the stairs opposite the Porters’ Lodge.
  • Students’ children are welcome in the College’s public rooms and spaces, and this includes:
    • the Dining Hall: highchairs are available for lunch and cafeteria-style dinner – at present children cannot attend formal dinners
    • the Library, where children should be fairly quiet, but there are some colouring books and markers in the Library office in case of emergency
    • the Chapel, where children are particularly welcome to attend services, concerts and other events
  • Unfortunately, the College does not have its own accommodation dedicated to student parents. However, we will help our students find such accommodation within the University.
  • Students’ children may attend the parts of their parent’s (daytime) graduation celebrations which take place in College, and no charge will be made for this.
  • Student parents are of course entitled to apply for all sources of funding provided by the College.
  • We regularly compile lists of St Catharine’s student parents for entry onto the mailing list of the University’s Childcare Office. This is an invaluable resource of information about workplace nurseries, holiday playschemes and university childcare bursaries.
  • The College’s postgraduate students are represented by the Middle Combination Room (MCR), and student parents can contact the MCR Welfare Officer if they need advice or support. 
  • The College also has a tutor for families who can be emailed directly.