Internet access in College

All rooms on the Main Site and in the hostels at St Chad's, Russell Street, Barton Road, South Green Lodge, 8 South Green Road, Grantchester Meadows and Coleridge Road have internet access via the College's Wi-Fi and wired networks.

The College also has several rented properties where internet provision is provided by the property owner. This is usually Wi-Fi only.

The internet connection is included in your room rent. There is no extra charge.

All computers must be kept up to date with the latest security patches, and have antivirus software installed. McAfee/Trellix is available free to download from the University Information Services.

All bedrooms and shared areas (libraries, common rooms, meeting rooms, etc.) have Wi-Fi coverage. The best way to get connected is to use the University's eduroam Wi-Fi service. Follow the instructions for getting online here:

All student bedrooms have rooms have wired network points available.

If you would like to use the wired room connection, the application form is here. You don't need to fill in this form if you are only going to use wifi.

Network cables are available from the IT Office.

Contact details

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Room K4 & K2
01223 (3)36438
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