Follow the instructions below to print from your MacOS device to the College printers and photocopiers, using your DS-Print credit.

For an overview of the DS-Print service at St Catherine's College, see the Printing & photocopying information page.

MacOS Prerequisites

  • Computer running Apple macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later
  • Administrative rights on your device, to install the DS-Print service & drivers
  • CRSID account (e.g., for authentication 
  • A network connection (usually the eduroam Wi-Fi network)  
  • DS-Print printing credit (£5 granted at the beginning of each term.  For more information on topping up your account, please see the Printing & photocopying overview.

Before Continuing

Use the link at the foot of this section to find step-by-step instructions on printing from a MacOS device.

You will need to download, unzip and install the Print Deploy Client when prompted.  You will also need the name of the printer you wish to print to.

Printer Name Type Printer Location MacOS Driver
Caths_FindMe (Mobility) A3 & A4 (Colour) Shakeshaft Library Konica bizhub C450i
Caths_UWdlk (Mobility) A4 (Colour) Lower Woodlark computer room HP LaserJet M506
Caths_Chads (Mobility) A4 (Colour) St Chad's computer room HP LaserJet M554

Step-by-step Instructions

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