St Catharine’s is committed to encouraging applications from students with academic potential of all backgrounds. In the 2021 admissions cycle, 79.5% of our College's UK applications came from state school students (University average: 72.6%). Of offers made to UK students in early 2021, 83.4% were to state school students (University average: 72.7%).

Lauren Hines is our Schools Liaison and Outreach Officer and provides schools, individuals and outreach partners with guidance on the Oxbridge admissions process. In particular, we work with schools with little experience of applications to Oxbridge - or to Higher Education – to raise aspirations and help students reach their full academic potential. We remain dedicated to ensuring that no student is discouraged from applying to highly selective universities due to socio-economic factors or financial concerns.

Under the University of Cambridge’s Area Link Scheme, St Catharine’s has particular responsibility for schools outreach in the following regions:

North Yorkshire



Selected Cambridgeshire schools linked with St Catharine's under the Connect to Cambridge Scheme.

For events which allow individual student bookings, eligibility criteria will be clearly stated in the event description. You can read more about the University of Cambridge's Area Links Scheme and find your school's link College here. If you are a teacher/adviser at a state school in one of our College's link areas and would like to join our mailing list, please contact Lauren Hines at

Parents and guardians attending an event at St Catharine's with their children. A male teacher is stood at the side of the seated audience, joining them in applause.

The work of the Schools Liaison Officer has been instrumental in raising our students' aspirations and identifying the benefits of higher education to them.

Secondary school teacher, Suffolk