Oxbridge Webinar Series: Year 10 & 11

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St Catharine's College is collaborating with Brasenose College (University of Oxford) to deliver a series of free webinars in 2022 for Year 10 and 11 (England and Wales), S3 and S4 (Scotland), or Year 11 and 12 (Northern Ireland) students at UK state schools.

Liza Zhabina and Joe Organ (outreach staff at the two Colleges) will be delivering sessions with Oxbridge academics and students to:

  • Introduce key ideas about Higher Education and making post-16 decisions
  • Offer advice on how to research university and course options
  • Provide information on the finances involved in attending university, addressing school students’ concerns honestly and openly
  • Outline life and learning at Cambridge and Oxford, breaking down some common myths
  • Offer advice for making strong post-16 subject choices

"These webinars help make me inspired for my future and encourage me to work hard and someday reach Oxbridge!" - Webinar Series Attendee


The registration links for webinars for which booking has opened can be found in the programme below. Schools from our outreach 'Link Areas' will receive the registration links before booking opens to the public, however, we anticipate most of the webinars will have plenty of spaces for students from across the UK. The St Catharine's and Brasenose Link Areas are:

  • North Yorkshire (Catz and Brasenose)
  • Suffolk (Catz)
  • Rutland (Catz)
  • East Berkshire (Brasenose)

Webinar Programme

Introduction to University and Oxbridge | Monday 7th Feb 2022, 6pm | Sign-up here

Join admissions staff and students for this introduction to university, student finances, and Oxbridge. This webinar will consist of a presentation and live Q&A session. Whether or not you've thought of going to university, whether or not you've considered Oxford or Cambridge before: all are welcome.

Subject Choice Workshop | Thursday 28th April 2022, 6pm | Sign-up here

Choosing A-Level, Scottish Highers, IB or equivalent subjects is exciting but it is also important to understand how to include possible future university options in the decision process. This session will equip students with key pieces of knowledge to bear in mind when making their post-16 choices. This session is aimed at Year 10 and S3 (or equivalent) students who haven't yet made their A-Level (or equivalent) subject choices. However, older students may also find it useful for finding out which subjects at university are open to them with their subject combinations.

Webinar logistics

The majority of our sessions will take place using Zoom's webinar function. You will receive an email from Zoom once your place on a webinar has been confirmed. This email will include the link for the session. Just before the session is due to take place, you will need to click the link in the email to join the webinar.

Your camera and audio will be disabled during the session but the Q&A feature will allow you to type any questions you have. These questions can be anonymous if you prefer. We will answer the majority of questions aloud but some answers will also be typed by the panel.

If you have concerns about having access to the internet, please be reassured that all of these sessions will be recorded. Links will be uploaded to this webpage in due course.

Automatic closed captioning will be enabled.


If you have any questions about this event, please email:

Previous Webinar Recordings

Here are recordings from the 2021 series of webinars.

Introduction to University and Oxbridge | Recording available here

Subject Choice Workshop | Recording available here

Life Sciences Taster Lecture | Recording available here

Mental Wellbeing and Transitioning to Post-16 Studies | Recording available here

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