Subject Masterclasses

The St Catharine's College Outreach team are hosting a series of online Subject Masterclasses for UK state school students in Year 12 (or equivalent e.g. S5/Year 13 NI). These will be hosted by students studying at the College and will offer prospective students the opportunity to experience an interactive subject specific taster session, to learn more about their subject, and challenge their thinking. These will be hosted online over Zoom and will be free of charge.


Booking is now open! The registration links for masterclasses can be found below. Spaces are limited as we would like students to experience what teaching and learning is like at the University of Cambridge. Students from our outreach 'Link Areas' will have priority, but we anticipate most of the webinars will have plenty of spaces for students from across the UK. Our link areas are North Yorkshire, Suffolk and Rutland.

Students will be notified in advance of the session if they have been selected to attend. Sessions will last 90 minutes and will consists of a subject specific presentation, interactive elements, and a chance to ask any questions at the end.

Upcoming Masterclasses

Medicine Maya Smolkova | 19th January 2023, 6 - 7:30 pm | Register Here 

Cardiovascular Physiology: In this session, the students will learn about the basics of cardiovascular physiology. We will first think about the determinants of cardiovascular function in healthy people and then try to understand the ways in which this can be impaired. We will then consider the origin and consequences of common conditions such as heart failure, heart attack or high blood pressure. By the end of the session, the students should have a deeper understanding of the roles of the different components of the system.

Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic - Kit Treadwell | 1st February 2023, 6 - 7:30 pm | Register Here

Old English Riddles: In this introduction to ASNC, students will get to learn about Tolkien’s inspiration: the Old English riddles. Through the lens of a couple of key texts, we will discuss the theories that lie behind translating Old English into its modern equivalent, what makes a good riddle, and how we can place ourselves in the minds of our ancestors. Students will be challenged to answer riddles, and consider their purposes through a brief introduction to Speech Act Theory. At the end, students should come away with new approaches to examining texts and their historical contexts, applicable across any language or time — although medievalism will be heavily promoted!

History & Politics Chee Yong Tan | February 15th 2023, 1 - 2:30 pm | Register Here

British Malaya (1874-1957): A Critical Investigation of Race and Race-Making - A Critical Investigation of Race and Race-Making - This topic challenges the idea of race as a natural phenomenon and offers a critical review of it through the theoretical lens offered by racial formation and critical race theorists. Using the case study of British Malaya, I aim to unravel the hidden political process behind race-making, and how the 'constructed' categories, namely Malay, Chinese, and Indian, were mobilised in struggles for power between actors. Having such a perspective enables us to critically reflect on our conventional understanding of race, both as a concept and identity, and the meaning it signifies in the modern world.


If you have any questions, please contact Liza Zhabina the Schools Liaison Officer at who coordinates the Subject Masterclasses.