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Fellows' dining

Regarding Fellows dining on Tuesday evenings out of Term

Dining on Tuesday evenings on Tuesday 27  July and will be held in Ramsden Room.  Please sign up in the usual way.

Dear Colleagues

There has been almost no High Table (HT) dining in College since March 2020, so I thought it helpful to establish what we can/should offer the Fellowship until September 2022 as an interim measure. 

  • During term-time: Dining will be offered on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings, matching the evenings on which Formals are held for students.

  • If there are exceptional circumstances, such as an academic visiting which does not align with these evenings, a Fellow may make a direct approach to the President and Fellow Steward with a week’s notice.

  • Out of term- time: Dining offered only on a Tuesday starting at 19:30.

  • No dining in August.

  • A minimum number of 4 dining, including guests(when guests are allowed to return), is required.

  • Booking will close at 13:30 the day before, except for Sunday when it will close on a Friday.

Lunch is currently available, via the Cafeteria, in the Catzebo every day.

We will update this as and when we have more information.

With best wishes



To book for dinner, please login to your Upay Account, click on the events tab and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you have any queries or problems please contact Deborah Loveluck or Martin Cullum