Retrieving or changing your password

Passwords are issued by the University Information Services rather than the College IT Office, but if you need to reset your password you can get a reset token from the IT Office. Please bring a form of ID with you such as your uni card, driving licence etc.

The University has a single password system which can be managed from the UIS Password Management Application page. When the password is set or reset it is then synchronised across the University's different systems and some

How can I change my passwords?

Please visit UIS Password Management Application and follow the instructions.

I've forgotten my passwords - how do I find them out or get new ones?

There are various ways. If you are in your first year and you've not yet changed your initial password, it may be possible to collect it again from the initial sign up page here

Otherwise, do one of the following:

  1. Bring some ID (e.g. uni card, driving licence) to the IT Office. We can then issue you with a token you can use in the UIS Password Management Application.
  2. Take some ID (e.g. uni card) to the University Information Services Help Desk to get new ones on the spot.

Note that for security reasons the University Information Services will not give out passwords over the phone, by email or to anyone else, including College IT staff.

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