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Retrieving or changing your password

Passwords are issued by the University Information Services rather than the College IT Office, but if you need a replacement password you can get a token from the IT Office if you bring ID such as your uni card.

Most users have three accounts, with each account having the same password :

  • Hermes: The University email system.
  • Raven: A university-wide authentication system to access to restricted web pages and resources.
  • MCS: The password to log in to the computers in College, at the University Information Services and in other Colleges and departments who use the same system. MCS stands for 'Managed Cluster Service'.

The University is moving towards a single-password system so rather than having three separate passwords as has been the case up to now.

How can I change my passwords?

If you know your Raven password but want to change your Hermes, Raven and MCS accounts passwords, see this page for advice and follow the link to the UIS Password Management Application. Note that all three passwords will be changed.

I've forgotten my passwords - how do I find them out or get new ones?

This page gives useful advice. There are various ways. If you are in your first year and you've not changed the password(s) you need, it may be possible to do to retrieve them online here. This is the only way of getting back the original passwords.

Otherwise, do one of the following:

  1. Bring some ID (e.g. uni card) to the IT Office. We can then issue you with a token you can use in the UIS Password Management Application.
  2. Take some ID (e.g. uni card) to the University Information Services Help Desk to get new ones on the spot.
  3. Fill in a Password reset request web form. The new passwords will be sent to your pigeonhole via the UMS.

This page might also be useful. Note that for security reasons the University Information Services will not give out passwords over the phone, by email or to anyone else, including college IT staff.

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