Fellows' room bookings

This is the online booking system for supervision, meeting and dining rooms at St Catharine’s College for the use of Fellows and supervisors only. On completion of this form, it will be forwarded to the appropriate person, who will then email you back to confirm. In general all requests should be submitted at least one week in advance of the event, or two weeks if catering is required. We will endeavour to grant some late requests, where possible.

Fellows meeting/dining rooms:

To book the McGrath Centre, Rushmore, Ramsden and other meeting rooms please use the Fellows' room booking form for meeting rooms.

Supervision rooms:

To book E3, Wolfson 1, Wolfson 2, Wolfson 3 and Woodlark supervision rooms please use the supervision room booking form.

Capacities of College rooms

Room Theatre Cabaret Boardroom Classroom Reception
McGrath Centre 154  56  28  28  200 
McGrath Bar - - - - 180 
Ramsden Room 40  28  20  16  70 
Rushmore Room 60  32  28  24  -
Old Combination Room 30  - 22  12  40 
Senior Combination Room 60  32  36  36  80 
Sydney Smith Room - 16 18 10 30

Guest rooms 

The College has 2 guest rooms available for Fellows to book - one double room and one small double room. Find out more and make a booking request by filling in a form