MCS file and printer access

Method 1: Via a drive connection

In this method, your filespace will appear as just another network device (like your CD drive or local hard disk), and can be used in exactly the same way as any local filing system. Please see for more information and instructions.

Method 2: Via a web browser

To access your files this way, open a web browser and go to You will be asked to log in - you will need to use your MCS username and password. You will need to have popups turned on (i.e. not blocked).

Note that when you get in to your file space you will see quite a few directories with a dot in front of their name. These are system directories and should just be ignored.

If you have files on your computer that you would rather not lose, having a copy of them in your MCS filespace would be a very good way backing them up - if your computer fails you may be very glad of it!

Please see for installation instructions and more details.

Again, you will need to know your MCS username and password and not be blocking popups.

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