From the Senior Tutor

The use of illegal drugs is destructive physically, psychologically and academically. The loss of emotional stability, academic focus and concentration associated with drug abuse can seriously harm or even terminate a promising academic career.

The College is concerned to protect students against the risks arising from and associated with the use and possession of drugs. The College must maintain a vigilant attitude towards this problem and students should be aware of its position in this regard.

The purpose of this statement is to discourage students from misusing drugs and to advise them of the College's position.

  1. The use or possession of proscribed drugs and the trafficking in drugs are criminal offences.
  2. In the interest of other students, should a student be charged by the police for a drugs offence, the College will take any appropriate action to avoid proliferation of the offence in the College.
  3. In the case of drug trafficking particularly, the College will not tolerate such an offence and has the right to suspend any student involved in such a case and to expel him or her in the event of a conviction.
  4. While drug taking and possession must remain disciplinary offences, the College will nevertheless give every assistance to any student concerned by encouraging him or her to seek relevant medical care and by assisting in arranging this when required.
  5. If the University observes any trends in the misuse of drugs, through their knowledge of individual cases in the University, it will bring any such trends to the notice of the Colleges.
  6. In their own interests, and in the interests of the wider student community, any students suspected of or known to be taking drugs should be encouraged to discuss the problem with one of the University or College support services (Medical, Welfare or Chaplaincy) who will treat any such discussion as confidential.
  7. If cases of drugs come to the notice of the Heads of Departments, mentors or other members of staff, they should normally refer such cases to one of the support services.
  8. Although the University or Colleges cannot delegate their responsibility or duties in this matter to the CUSU or GU, the University and Colleges recognise that the CUSU and GU have concerns similar to their own and would encourage the CUSU and GU to refer any student who may be suspected of misusing drugs to one of the support services.

Copies of the Welfare Handbook are available from CUSU or the GU.

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