How to apply

Find guidance about admission requirements, interviews, and more in this section.

You apply to Cambridge via UCAS, just as you would apply to any other UK university. However, applications at Cambridge are handled by the individual colleges, not by a department or faculty. 

Important changes to assessment dates for 2022: Registration for Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing closes on 30 September. Late registration will not be possible and may result in the application being invalid. Assessments will take place on 18 & 19 October. Find out more.

Selecting a college

Most applicants select a college where they would like to live and work, and that college will then deal with their application. However, you do not have to choose a college – instead you can make an ‘open application’ and the central Cambridge Admissions Office will then allocate you to one of the colleges, which will deal with your application in the usual way. We ensure that ‘open’ applicants have the same chance of gaining a place as ‘direct’ applicants to the college. However, from your point of view, you may well decide that you want to have direct control over which college you may end up at. Obviously, we recommend St Catharine's...

At the outset it is worth mentioning that entry is entirely on the basis of academic potential (with 'clinical' potential mixed in for prospective medics and vets). Most people who apply are very able, and will attain (or already have) excellent grades at A Level, or equivalent (see our page on admissions requirements for more information). Regrettably, we have to make difficult choices, and every year we turn away well-qualified applicants simply because we don’t have the capacity to teach every one. But if you don’t apply, you cannot be considered. So why not give us a try?

St Catharine's does not accept applications from:

  • those applying as graduates for Law, Medicine or Veterinary Medicine

  • those part-way through a degree at another university

  • those wishing to study Architecture, Education, History of Art, or Linguistics

We also discourage applications from students who would be under 17 years and 9 months when they start their course.

See our page with important advice for applicants for further information.


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