The Mary Ramsden Circle

Named in honour of a leading benefactor from the College's past, the Mary Ramsden Circle recognises generous and loyal donors who take a leading role in the future development and success of St Catharine's.

Membership of the Mary Ramsden Circle is available to those who support the College with annual donations of £1,000 or more, up to cumulative lifetime giving of £50,000, at which time donors are invited to join the 1473 Foundation. Commitments can be in the form of monthly, quarterly or annual gifts.

In recognition of their support, members receive an invitation to the Benefactors Buffet happening in September each year.

Joining the Mary Ramsden Circle: From the UK

You can establish a regular gift to St Catharine's by Direct Debit using our online gift form.

Gift Aid: UK taxpayers can increase the value of their donations to St Catharine's by 25% using the Gift Aid scheme, a donation of £1,000 is worth £1,250 to the College, and the net cost to 40% taxpayers is just £750. If eligible, please tick the Gift Aid box when completing our gift form.

Joining the Mary Ramsden Circle: From overseas

Residents of the United States can make a gift in favour of St Catharine's via Cambridge in America (CAm), an organisation registered under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code that funds grants to the University of Cambridge and its member colleges.

Residents of other countries can donate to the College by card using our online donation form. If you have any questions about making a gift from overseas please contact

About Mary Ramsden

Mary Ramsden is remembered as one the College's most generous and influential benefactors. She was a daughter of Robert Robinson, of Fockerby (Yorkshire), and the great-niece of Robert Skerne, whose own benefaction in the seventeenth century led to the foundation of eight scholarships at St Catharine’s. She became the sole heiress of Fockerby following the death of her father and brother. Her husband’s death, and the death of his immediate relatives, gave Mrs Ramsden further ownership of substantial land holdings in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Her will of 1743 provided charitable support for York Infirmary and a number of Yorkshire schools and churches. Mrs Ramsden’s land was held in trust and by the terms of her will its rental income was to come to the College in perpetuity, to fund the foundation of six new Fellowships, ten scholarships and the construction of a new College building (A and B staircases).

If you are interested in supporting the College through membership of the Mary Ramsden Circle then please contact the Alumni and Development Office: or +44 (0)1223 338334.

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