College life

St Catharine's is committed to academic excellence and success, while maintaining a relaxed and sociable atmosphere. We are fortunate to be located in the centre of Cambridge - within short walking distance of most University departments and numerous historic buildings and collections.

"I think my favourite thing about Catz has to be the sense of community here. Within a few weeks of arriving it become impossible to walk across main court and not bump into someone you know. Everyone here is so supportive and friendly, and there are plenty of people you can turn to if you ever need additional help."

– Eleanor (JCR Access Officer 2021-22)


"Catz’s reputation as a friendly college is definitely well-earned! As well as the many welcoming faces you see around college, Catz puts a lot of effort into its student welfare system, which has your back every step of the way." 

– Anousha and Alex (JCR Welfare Officers 2020-21)