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College life

St Catharine's is committed to academic excellence and success, while maintaining a relaxed and sociable atmosphere. We are fortunate to be located in the centre of Cambridge - within short walking distance of most University departments and numerous historic buildings and collections.

"Catz is somewhat of a hidden gem amongst the central colleges of Cambridge. Despite being the only college with an open court, passers-by often overlook us. Yet it is precisely this modesty and simplicity that explains Catz’ reputation of being the ‘friendliest college’. Having the most students per square metre means we can’t help but get to know everyone making Catz incredibly inclusive." 

– Muhammed Khan (2016, Natural Sciences) writing in the Graduation Yearbook 2019.


"Catz is the veritable Hufflepuff of the Cambridge collegiate system. Catz students are keen to make our College the happiest community we can." 

– Elanor Bond (2013, Philosophy) writing in the Graduation Yearbook 2016.

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