College policies

Sickness Absence Management Policy (June 2022)

Flexible Working Policy (June 2023)

Dignity at Work Policy (June 2023)

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement (June 2023)

Disciplinary Policy (June 2023)

Capability Policy (June 2023)

Grievance Policy (updated May 2023)

Freedom of Speech Statement (June 2021)

Staff Working Time, TOIL, Overtime and Flexi-time Policy (updated June 2023)

Organisational Change and Redundancy Policy (June 2023)

Personal Relationships Between Staff and Students Policy (2018)

CCTV Policy (last updated July 2023)

Maternity Pay Policy (last updated May 2019)

Safeguarding Policy (last updated July 2023)

Dress Code Guidelines (last updated May 2019)

Investment Policy (last updated June 2023)

Social media guidance for Fellows and staff (last updated June 2021)

Flag Policy (effective 24 February 2023)

Filming, Photography and Recording Policy (March 2023)