Other sources of funding

Information about sources of funding available to graduates from outside the College and University

Many professional associations and societies have membership schemes available to students. Benefits often include travel grants and in some cases, hardship grants. We strongly recommend that you join any such association that you may be eligible for as soon as possible in order to take advantage of these benefits (some associations require a minimum membership period before you can apply).

If you make any applications to the College Graduate Fund for assistance, you will be required to indicate if you have joined any societies and also applied to them for help. If you have not, it may have a negative impact on your application. Follow this link for a list of Cambridge University Societies.

Apart from within the University itself, many charities, trusts and foundations have funds available to students. Eligibility criteria can vary from what subject you are studying to where you where born, or even where your parents live! Listed below are a few websites where you can find more details on such sources of funding. The websites are rather comprehensive, so you may need to spend some time trawling through lists to find anything suitable.

Please note that the College is not responsible for the content of any website accessed via these links.

  • This site offers an alert service for researchers, including every opportunity in every discipline. All opportunities can be viewed from any computer on the University network, but it is recommended that you register with the site from within the network first so you can log-in if you need to view the site outside the network.
  • Scholarship Search:Lists scholarships and stipends for both undergraduates and graduates. You can browse by subject or do a general search on postgraduate grants.
  • Prospects:Prospects is UK’s official graduate careers website. The link above will take you to their page on charities with funds available to graduates.

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