Chapel services

This page will give you all the information you need to join in with forthcoming Chapel services. At the moment you are able to come along in person, and most of our services are also livestreamed. 

This week's services

Tuesday 18th January at 6.30pm  Sung by the Girls' Choir
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Night Songs
Thursday 20th January at 9.30pm  Sung by the Chapel Choir
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Choral Eucharist
Sunday 23rd January at 10am  With music from the Chapel Choir
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Choral Evensong
Sunday 23rd January at 6pm  Sung by the Chapel Choir  (Preacher: The Chaplain)
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Tuesday 25th January at 6.30pm  Sung by the Girls' Choir
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Lent Term 2022 - Regular services

The regular pattern of services is listed below, followed by details of this term's special services.


6.30pm - Luminaria
A beauitiful, candlelit service, sung by our Girls' Choir


9.30pm - Night Songs 
Candle light and plainsong, and live music performed by College musicians
On some Thursdays there will be instead an early evening service - see 'Special Services' below. 


10am - Holy Communion (Eucharist)
A simple service of Holy Communion followed by brunch in the Catzebo

6pm - Choral Evensong 
A beautiful candlelit service with an address (usually from a guest preacher) with music from the Chapel Choir


8am - Christian Union Prayer Breakfast


Lent Term 2022 - Special services

Tuesday 3 February, 6.30pm
Choral Eucharist (Candlemas)
sung by the Girls’ Choir and the boys from Jesus College Choir
*No Night Songs on 3rd February

Tuesday 15 February, 6.30pm
Choral Evensong
sung by the Cambridge Chapels Youth Choir (in place of Luminaria)

Wednesday 2 March, 6.30pm
Choral Eucharist  (Ash Wednesday)
sung by the Chapel Choir
(with imposition of Ashes)

Thursday 17 March, 6.30pm
Lenten Sequence
Music and readings for Lent and Holy Week, sung by the Chapel choir
*No Night Songs on 17th March

This term's Evensong sermons

At most of our Choral Evensong this term we will hear sermons reflecting on Stanley Spencer's Christ in the Wilderness series of paintings, which you can view using the links on this page. Details of visiting preachers will be posted shortly. 

Attending in person

Everyone is welcome in the College Chapel, and you can come as you are.

You don't have to dress up in especially formal clothes to come to Chapel; you are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable. Some people like to wear a gown if they're going on to a formal hall afterwards, and it's usual to wear a gown if you are doing one of the readings at Evensong (there's a spare one if you volunteer at the last minute or if you don't have your own).

As with all spaces in College, we'll review our covid safety guidelines regularly to try and keep the College environment safe for everyone.  When you come to Chapel, please always bring a mask, as you will need to wear one during services (unless you are exempt) and at other times when the Chapel is busy. There is also a hand sanitiser station in the chapel. We open the windows and door to ensure good ventilation, and there are 'reserved' signs available to ensure that those who wish to socially distance to do so.