Making your own computer more secure

These recommendations help to keep your computer more safe from attack. Remember to deal with the obligatory requirements, such as installing a virus-checker, first.

Adware and spyware are applications that gather information about your computer and send it to another system. These often install themselves without your knowledge when you browse a particular page, download something or install another application. Some also have adverse effects on your computer such as changing your web browser's home page or making your computer crash or run slowly.

To keep adware and spyware under control, install a removal application such as Malwarebytes and run it every so often. The free version is fine. Make sure that you update the detection files when you install it and each time you run it.

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that is a  popular alternatives to Internet Explorer, should you want to try something different. For information about email please see the page on accessing your Cambridge email. This includes advice about reducing spam and safer alternatives to Outlook and Outlook Express.

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