Studying in the Library

The library is available for all members of our community

The libraries are open all day, every day, for quiet study. When the College is open, the libraries are open. Both libraries are accessed using your University card.

All current undergraduates and postgraduates may work in the library, but we kindly ask you not to bring in friends from other Colleges.

If you're working in the library, but need to leave for a supervision, lecture, lunch, etc., you can leave your things on your desk. Please fill in one of the orange 'desk-in-use' slips. If you're go to be away for a longer period of time – more than two hours – please take your things with you.

You can, however, leave books on a desk overnight if you need them the next day. Fill in one of our small 'book-in-use' slips, and tidy the books you're using into a single neat pile on the side of the desk.

Desks are cleared by library staff each morning, but please help us by making this job unnecessary. If you're reading books in the library, and finished with them, please return them to the shelves – in the right place please – or the trolley next to the library office.

Off-site access is available to wide range of digital library resources. Full details of the remote services available across the library ecosystem in Cambridge may be found here.