Printing and photocopying

Printing to College Printers

Monocolour (black and white) A4 printing is available in all the computer rooms. The Chad's and Library computer rooms also offer colour A4 printing. The Library photocopier provides A3 and A4 printing as well as photocopying and scanning. Please see the notices in the Library for how to use it.


Printing to the College printers costs are 5p per A4 sheet (single or double sided) on the mono printers and 15p per A4 sheet (single or double sided) on the colour printers. It is possible to reduce costs further by printing several pages on one side. This is set using the print properties when you ask an application to print.

The Library photocopier also offers A3 printing at Mono 10p per sheet and 30p per sheet for colour.

Each term you will be credited with a free College allowance of £5.00, equivalent to 100 sheets on the mono printers or 33 pages on the colour printers. As you print pages, this balance is reduced. You need to be in credit to print. To buy more credit, log in to a MCS Windows PC and go to Start | Account Management | eCredit. In the case of problems with this method, or emergencies (e.g. a very urgent deadline) please contact the IT Office.

You can check your print balances in Start | All Programs | Utilities | Balance. Your College print balance is the "current location" balance.

Manual feed paper

If you would like to use your own paper, .e.g. envelopes or non-A4 sized paper, it can be fed in through the manual trays. Please note that not all types of paper are suitable and some may damage the printers. If in doubt please consult the IT Office.

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