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The Chapel at St Catharine's is a place where all are welcome. 

Chapel can be a way to make friends and meet new people, and discover another way of belonging - Chapel is a place where you can come as you are, knowing that you will be accepted just as you are.  It can be a place where you nurture your spiritual life, pray, worship and encounter God.  It can be the place where you examine your own values and work out how to live well in a complex world.  Or it can simply be a place where you come in to shelter from the sun or the rain and spend some time in peace and quiet.  

Catz has a lively and active Chapel community that welcomes people from different backgrounds and traditions. I hope getting involved both encourages and challenges you in your journey of life and faith. You are welcome to get involved in the Chapel community, whether or not you are used to attending a church.  

Chapel services will continue during Lent Term 2021, albeit in much reduced form, and primarily online; we hope you will feel very welcome to come along,  For those living or working in College this term, the Chapel remains open as a place of peace and quiet, and time to reflect in a busy day, and a place of comfort and solace in difficult times. 

  • Click here for details of this term's Chapel services
  • Keep an eye open for the community-wide weekly email for information about other events and activities
  • Contact the Chaplain if you might be interested in being more actively involved in Chapel life (such as reading in services)
  • Click here for resources for spiritual wellbeing, 'living well', personal reflection and prayer,  chaplaincy events, and events in the wider University that may be of interest. 

Daily Prayer

Every morning I  pray for the College community, those in need, the nation and the world. Most days, I will be praying at home, but anyone is welcome to join me. Details and a zoom link are on the chapel services page. You are welcome to ask me to pray for something specific by emailing

Please do feel free to make suggestions of other resources we can provide for you. In the meantime, please be assured of my prayers and blessings, as always. 

The Rev'd Ally Barrett



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