Giving from overseas

Here you will find information on how to make a gift to St Catharine's from overseas. If you live in a country that is not mentioned and would like to discuss your gift in more detail then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Giving from Canada

The University of Cambridge is recognised as an educational institution eligible for charitable status under Canadian tax law, making donations to St Catharine's from Canadian residents tax-deductible. Donors are issued a tax receipt once their gift has been received. For further information, please contact the Alumni and Development Office via

Giving from Hong Kong

St Catharine's is registered with the Hong Kong Foundation for Charities, enabling residents to make tax-efficient donations in support of the College. Donors can give to the Foundation by cheque, credit card or bank transfer. For more information, please visit the Foundation's website.

Giving from Jersey

St Catharine's has been given exemption under the Jersey Income Tax Law by the States of Jersey taxation office, meaning that donors to St Catharine's who are registered for tax in Jersey can now maximise their gift to the College using the Deed of Covenant scheme. By pledging to support the College with a deed of covenant for a minimum period of five years, the College can in turn reclaim the tax deducted from the payment it receives. In practical terms, this means that if an individual pledges to donate £1000 a year (net) for five years, St Catharine's is able to reclaim from the States of Jersey taxes office an additional £250 each year over the period of the covenant. This is called the 'tax deducted'.

If you wish to make a gift to St Catharine's, we would be grateful if you could please download and complete the Deed of Covenant, and return it to the Alumni Office, St Catharine's College, Cambridge, CB2 1RL.

Giving from the US

If you are resident in the USA, you can make a tax-efficient gift to St Catharine’s via Cambridge in America, a 501(c)(3) charity recognised by the IRS. Grants from Cambridge in America to St Catharine’s may be made for general College purposes or any of our specific objectives. If you wish to support a particular activity, you should indicate your preference when sending your gift to Cambridge in America.

You can make your gift online or by posting a cheque made payable to ‘Cambridge in America’ to Cambridge in America, P.O. Box 9123 JAF BLG, New York, NY 10087-9123, and suggest that the Directors of Cambridge in America exercise their discretion and allocate your gift to support St Catharine’s College.

If you are subject to tax in both the UK and US, you now have the opportunity to give to Cambridge in America (UK) Ltd (CAm UK), a registered charity in England, and be simultaneously eligible for tax benefits in both countries. CAm UK allows those multinational taxpayers to receive tax relief on the same contribution in both the US and UK. By giving to the UK-registered charity, taxpayers will be eligible for income tax charitable deductions for their annual taxes.

Additionally, your gift can go further toward aiding the University and Colleges thanks to the Gift Aid scheme, which increases the amount of the gift by enabling the charity to reclaim the basic rate tax on the gift. Currently, for every £1 don­­­­ated, the charity can claim an additional 25p from HM Revenue & Customs. In other words, a £1,000 gift is worth £1,250 for Cambridge.

For taxes due in the US, those who give can claim a deduction totaling the cash you give and the amount of basic rate tax the charity has reclaimed – meaning a £1,000 gift is equal to a £1,250 deduction (subject to current currency exchange rates).

For more information about the benefits of giving to CAm UK, and for a link to the Gift Aid Form, please visit, please visit the CAm UK website.

Donating from Europe

Residents of many European countries can donate tax-efficiently to St Catharine’s through the College’s participation in Transnational Giving Europe. Contact the Alumni and Development Office for more information.

Donating from the rest of the world

We welcome the support of our Members and friends, wherever they are in the world. Please visit the Make a gift page, or contact the Alumni and Development Office for more information.


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