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Our digital library aims to showcase the College Library's most treasured items. By digitizing our unique and distinctive collections, we hope to make our most interesting books, manuscripts, and archival materials available to students and researchers worldwide.

Click on the images below for digitized versions of our books and manuscripts. High-resolution images are available on application to the Librarian. Please contact us if you have any research queries, or publication requests.

St Catharine's College MS 4

(Cicero, Laelius de Amicitia)

15th century vellum manuscript copy of Cicero's treatise on friendship, written in an Italian, or possibly English, hand.

Donated by Charles Goodwin (a Fellow of the College) in 1850.

St Catharine's College MS 2


13th-century bible, written in Latin, produced in Arras, France.

Donated by James Sotheby (matric. 1671) in 1702.

St Catharine's College MS Chaytor Add.10

(La Vie de Madame Sainte Marguerite)

15th century vellum manuscript Life of St Margaret of Antioch, in French.

From the Bequest of Henry John Chaytor, 1961.

St Catharine's College XL/8

(College Register. List of manuscripts donated by Robert Woodlark)

The earliest College Register, compiled between 1504 & 1522, lists the books donated to the Library by our founder, Robert Woodlark. It was transcribed, with notes by G.E. Corrie, in the first issue of the Publications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society (1840).

St Catharine's College MS Lib 1

(1633 Library Catalogue)

A paper catalogue, bound in limp parchment. Dated 1633, but containing later annotations until the 1640s, it lists 215 titles under thirteen headings.