Neurodiversity project group

The Neurodiversity Project Group is a special initiative of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Working Group in response to community feedback, and is chaired by Professor David Bainbridge and Dr Andrzej Harris.

The project group is comprised of Fellows, students and staff who have a special interest, lived experience or expertise in neurodiversity. The project group is a collaborative group, which seeks to develop partnerships with other professionals and stakeholders to ensure that best practice is maintained, and the needs of our community are fully understood. 

The group has an interest in: 

  • Establishing a culture that treasures the strengths of neurodiverse individuals in College;
  • Empowering neurodiverse individuals to celebrate their identity and realise their potential; 
  • Strengthening the accessibility of the St Catharine’s community for neurodiverse individuals;
  • Increasing awareness and providing a forum to discuss matters relating to neurodiversity in College; 
  • Informing strategies and training for wellbeing, tutorial, and operational aspects of College life in relation to neurodiversity issues; 
  • Working with the wider College community to suggest actions, tools, and support for neurodiverse members; and
  • Working with the EDI Working Group, JCR and MCR committees, staff and Fellows to ensure the intersectionality of issues is understood.  

The group aims to meet termly, providing updates to EDI and Education Committee, and to present yearly reports to the Governing Body.  


  • Professor David Bainbridge, Fellow and Disabilities Tutor
  • Dr Andrzej Harris, Fellow and Postgraduate Tutor (Welfare)
  • Dr Maria Dias, Neurodiversity Adviser at the University of Cambridge's Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre
  • Mary Simuyandi, Head of Wellbeing