The Chaplain was first appointed as the result of Moses Holwey's foundation in 1695 of a 'Conduct' Fellowship. Before this date the services in Chapel were carried out in turn by the Fellows in Holy Orders. The duties of the Conduct Fellow were not specified but as well as being the College Chaplain the Fellow was also expected to maintain the Library. After 1801, the name seems to have fallen into disuse generally but does appear in the records in relation to appointment of C. Hardwick in 1855, A. B. Pownall in 1857, G. Forrest Browne in 1866 and W. Southward in 1884.

1699 Samuel Lea, Dean of Chapel

1700 Thomas Tilson, Dean of Chapel

Conduct Fellows

1701 Robert Pupplett

1710 Nicholas Gouge

1712 John Jordan

1717/8 William Pyke

1720 Nathaniel Pegge

1723 Thomas Rayner

1724 Kenrick Prescot

1726 Richard Cross

1728 Francis Blackburne

1729 Henry Hubbard

1733 George Maule

1740 John  Kipley

1757 John Hey

1762 Philip Gardner

1770 John Perkins

1774 Joshua Waterhouse

1774 Thomas Johnson

1775 Joshua Wood

1787 Francis Goodwin

1801-c.1831 Harry Pearce

No appointments to the position of Conduct Fellow or Chaplain are noted in the Order book for the period 1802-1855.

1855 Charles Hardwick


1857 Alfred Pownall

1861 Jon Smyth Purton

1862 Francis Thomas Hurst

1865 J. B. Curtis

1866 George Forrest Browne

1884 Walter T. Southward

1899 John Neville Figgis

1902 Walter T. Southward

1919 Henry John Chaytor

1926 Gordon P. Jodrell Day

1929-1964 C. D. Waddhams

     1946-1948 H. F. Harding

     1948-1955 Hartley Bird

     1955-1960 D E Shapland

     1961-1967 A. B. Wilkinson

1967 David Sparrow

1976-1985 Ian Clarke

1983-1986 Christian David John Pearson

1986 Andrew G. Lennox-Conyngham

1991 Paul Langham

1996 David Goodhew

2001 Patrick Richmond

2007 Anthony Moore

2012 Margaret Widdess

2013 David Neaum

2018 Ally Barrett

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