The 1473 Foundation

Read about the 1473 Foundation, the donors' recognition circle at St Catharine's.

The 1473 Foundation is a circle of Members and friends who have, through their generosity, affirmed their support of the College’s commitment to world-class education. Established in 2009, the Foundation’s name commemorates the opening of the College on St Catharine’s Day in 1473.

Membership is open to individuals whose gifts to the College total £50,000 and above. It is usual for membership to be conferred by the Master at the 1473 Foundation Gala. This annual event takes place in College, with occasional international events also taking place, to recognise our supporters overseas. 

We are always pleased to welcome new members of our community of benefactors. Please contact the Development Director if you would like to discuss supporting the College and joining the 1473 Foundation: +44 (0)1223 338337 or


The St Catharine's 1473 Foundation

Mr Eric Allen (1954)

Mrs Ann Ardron

Mr Jon Ardron (1983)

Mr Jas Bains (1998)

Mr Yibo Bao (2001)

Mrs Carolyn Bate

Mr Herbert Bate (1963)

Dr John Bates (1996)

The late Professor Sir Alan Battersby FRS (1969)

Mr Guy Beringer CBE KC (1973)

The late Mr Ben Bibby (1949)

Professor Alan Binnington (1977)

Mr Douglas Blausten FRICS (1971)

The late Mr Peter Boizot MBE DL (1950)

Mr Philip Bowring (1960)

Dr William Bratton (1996)

Mr Murray Browne (1974)

Mr Paul Bunzl (1981)

Mr Richard Burston

Mr Simon Carter (1994)

Mrs Sarah Caskey-Smith

Professor Tao Soon Cham (1965)

The late Mr Roy Chapman FCA (1955)

Professor David Cheung (1958)

Mr Charles Claypoole (1989)

Mr Matthew Collins (1979)

Mr Neil Cosgrove (1993)

Dr Ian Cragg-Hine (1989)

Ms Joanne Cunningham (1996)

Mr Garrett Curran (1991)

Mr Rick Curtis (1973)

Mrs Christina Dawson (2016)

Mr Peter Dawson (1974)

Mr Nigel Denison (1977)

Ms Elizabeth Doty (2008)

Mr George Doty

Mr Rupert Edis (1990)

Dr John Endicott (1964)

The late Dr David Epps (1952)

The Rev'd John Evans (1962)

Mr Rob Everett (1986)

The Baroness Fairhead CBE (1980)

Ms Janet Farrant

Mr Ian Filby (1978)

Mrs Susan Filby


Mr Michael George (1982)

Mr Christopher Gorman (1958)

Mr David Gregson (1975)

Mr Simon Hall MBE DL (1973)

Mr Anthony Haller (1974)

Sir David Harding KBE (1979)

Dr Joanne Harris OBE (1982)

Mr John Harvey CBE (1954)

Mr Andrew Heller (1986)

The Late Sir Michael Heller FCA (1955)

Lady Morven Heller (2003)

Dr Patrick Holden (1957)

The Right Honourable Lord Justice Mark Horner (1975)

Mr Mark Humphries (1980)

Dr Debbie Ivory

Mr Nigel Jewers (1961)

Mr Andy Jones (1990)

His Honour Dr Colin Kolbert (1956)

Mr Franklin Lam

The Late Mr David Lambourne (1956)

Mr Nat le Roux (1976)

Mrs Justina Lian (on behalf of Mr Jie Lian)

Mr Nick Longhurst (1990)

Mr Ben Loomes (1995)

Mr Christopher Lowe (1985)

The late Mr Bevil Mabey CBE (1935)

Mrs Alison MacDougall (1984)

Mr Neil MacDougall (1984)

Sir Harvey McGrath (1971)

Mr Ricky Mendis (1953)

Mr Richard Moat (1973)

Mr Roger Morley (1989)

Mr Nick Nacht (1965)

Mr Hitoshi Nagata (1980)

Mrs Elaine Ng (1984)

Mr Richard Nichols (1984)

Mr Malcolm Onley (1962)

Mr Neil Ostrer (1978)

His Honour Alan Pardoe KC (1961)

Mr Nick Parker FCA (1965)

Ms Tina Patel (1989)

Mr William Paul (1992)

Mr Robert Perlman (1962)

Mr Alistair Phillips-Davies (1985)

Mr Martin Reeves (1988)

Mr Nick Reilly CBE (1968)


Mr Mark Richer (1982)

Mr Bernard Robertson (1962)

Mrs Gwen Owen Robinson (1982)

Mr Tim Russell (1979)

Mr Alan Saunders (1967)

Mr Jim Smith Jr (1976)

Mrs Lee Spelman Doty

Dr Brian Sweeney (1963)

Mr Ken Tan (1993)

The late Mr Martin Taylor CBE (1955)

Mr Nigel Thomas (1975)

The late Mr Richard Thompson (1956)

Dr Chris Thorne (1963)

Mrs Mary Timms

Dr Ralph Timms (1961)

The late Mr Richard Walduck OBE (1959)

Mr Max Ward (1968)

Dr Kern Wildenthal (1968)

Ms Frances Wong (1993)

Mr Kenneth Wong (1992)

Mr Brian Woodham (1961)

Mr Ping Yi Yee (1991)

Ms Stella Yiu (1981)

The late Professor Peter Young (1946)

Ms Helma Zebregs (on behalf of the family of Martin Smith)


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