The Harding Challenge

The Harding Challenge is seeking to inspire donors by doubling the value of your gift. Find out more.

Employer Matched Giving

Does your company offer you the opportunity to boost the impact of your gifts to College by operating a matched funding scheme?

You can increase your gift to College at no extra cost to yourself by taking advantage of these gift matching programmes.

As an eligible, registered charity (charity number 1137463) your gift to College could be increased by up to 100% in this way.

The scheme may have different names in different companies, but the list of companies it is believed are taking part in matching employees’ charitable donations can be accessed here.

Please contact your HR or Corporate and Social Responsibility Department to confirm whether your company offers such a programme. 

Alternatively if you run a company and you are interested in enhancing your corporate and social responsibility by introducing this scheme, then the Charities Aid Foundation has advice here.

If you require any further advice please contact the Alumni Office via or on 01223 332389.

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